Quick, let’s clean the dust out of our computers!

No, seriously. Go get your can of compressed air, I’ll wait. You know, the one with the thin red straw sticking out of it from when you used it in 2016?

When your computer vents are dusty they are blocking the cool air from flowing in and the hot air from flowing out, your computer is going to get HOTTER. We all know that heat is generally something you want to mitigate inside your machine – the machine you rely on.

Got it? Ok!

Flip that laptop over and spray out all the vents. Then go around the keyboard.

If you have a desktop, get where ever you need to be to see the air vents and the fan vent (back). IF THEY ARE COATED WITH DUST, wipe them off FIRST. Don’t blow that much dust into your case.

Did we do it? Are we done? Good then, carry on.