I am a WordPress and FileMaker developer, radio host and pro-blogger with over eighteen years experience helping business owners, school administrators and end users reach their technology goals.

I love puzzles and problem solving.

I thrive on the challenge and success of helping my clients achieve their online goals. That can be as straight-forward as setting up your WordPress web site,  developing a plan to increase your sales using social media, setting up a Google Adwords account to help drive traffic to your site, or personalized training to help you learn how to manage your web site or social media.

Experience and outstanding problem solving skills

I’ve been providing instruction, training and consultation in end-user computer software applications since 1991. My expertise in PDF electronic forms, documentation and training have helped business owners simplify and streamline and minimize their paper forms and manual data entry, saving significant staffing resources for more meaningful work.

“I kept putting off learning about Google Analytics as it seemed above my skill level. Rebecca knew when I was able to master the next step in tracking my professional web site, and when to jump in and assist with explanation, leading me gently deeper into self-sufficiency. I was happy with two outcomes, one, google analytics works and two, I’m more self sufficient in tracking and improving my web sites results. Career Counseling & Marketing Coach

Vicki Lind, M.S.Career Counseler and marketing Coach

As the former owner/operator of the Computer Training Center of Ventura County, I published a series of software curriculum instruction manuals for teachers and school districts to be used in the classroom, provided weekly software training for end-users, and developed databases for fortune 500 companies headquartered in Ventura and Los Angeles County.

After relocating to the glorious Pacific Northwest in 2003, I re-established my consulting and technology business. I also develop and manage my own domains and web sites that produce affiliate and passive revenue.