Social media marketing doesn’t work unless it’s personal.

We’ve all seen trivia contests, and many posts unrelated to the business or company posting. That’s because they’ve hired an agency that posts content unrelated to YOU or the Company.  And it never works. It does NOT result in customer loyalty or new sales, because it’s not relevant or personal.

Why Your Followers Think You’re Spamming Them

When you’re customers see your company name over and over again in their news feeds and what you’re showing them are trivia posts, irrelevant memes and advertisements, they will eventually “unfollow” or worse “unlike” your page. When they “unlike” your company page, they have just “unliked” your entire company. You now have a negative feeling associated with your brand, EVEN THOUGH, the customer may have had a positive sales experience with you previously. If it’s not about them, they don’t have time for it.

That’s why a highly personalized campaign works and why a generic one size fits all content machine fails. That’s just simple common sense. And the cost of paying for a generic campaign means you’re really paying to lose potential and existing customers by annoying them and not giving them the love and attention they deserve by being loyal to your brand.