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Social Media Marketing

Meet Your New Social Media Partner

Every small business needs more customers and sales, but most owner/operators don’t know how to translate Likes into sales. I can help you build your “brand” using techniques that result in more customers and sales. I’ll help you understand exactly how you can reach your business goals through social media marketing, we’ll make a plan and implement it. I’ll do the heavy lifting and you can take over whenever you feel ready.

Setting Goals and Making a Plan

I will help you identify your concrete growth goals and together create a plan to achieve those goals, or at the least move continuously toward them using the online tools that best match you, your product and your audience.

Social media demands a variety of content to get the exposure a business needs to grow. We’ll create a social media calendar of posts and analyze what content your audience reacts and engages with the most. We’ll determine which “platforms” get you the results and type of customers you’re looking for.

Facebook, etc.

I’ll create or analyze your existing accounts, connect them, fill in any missing pieces that are hurting your exposure and complete your profiles.

Build Your Audience

Starting from scratch or have a sluggish or dead page? I’ll build your audience, grow your page or group and analyze their engagement.

Relevant Content

I provide writing, graphics, memes, and social media posts that speak to your audience with content that converts to clicks.

You Only Need to Learn the Basics – And I’ll Train You

My eighteen year career as a software trainer will put you at ease as you learn at a comfortable pace how to post, save your photos, and a few other tips that will get you the SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT that evolves into sales.

I provide my clients with a high level of personal support including WordPress, social media marketing, shopping cart installation, database development, membership sites and theme customization.

Do you have a neglected web site? Want to learn how to manage your Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter or Instagram accounts?  Not sure if you need to use them? I train and coach my clients on social media, and they get results.  (active references available)

Click contact or give me a call.