Search Optimization

Getting Seen on Google Search

Imagine millions of people seeing your web site link on page one of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Everyone wants to be number one on Google Search or at least on page one. No one can promise you a specific rank in Google but there are actions and steps that can increase your visibility.

I have two pages on one of my web sites that consistently rank on page one of Google Search Results. I have web site clients I do that for also, and I’d like to get you great ranking too.

Once you know the formula you have a good shot at getting on page one.

Every day is a competition for those nine* organic spots, but there are tools and best practices plus a little bit of ingenuity, to help you get there and to track where you are compared to your competition. *The number of organic (not paid for) listings on the Google results page has varied over the years and will probably continue to change periodically.


Analyze your site and current page rank in Google Search results.

Find which keywords your customers use to find your product or service

Follow all suggested SEO practices to rank higher in search.

Track statistics in Google Analytics.

Create content your site visitors are looking for using SEO analysis.

Get your customers to review your products and services!