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Everyone wants to be number one on Google Search or at least on page one. No one can promise you a specific rank in Google but there are strategies, and steps we can take that can increase your visibility or rank in search. Most often we’ll start with an audit of your site to make sure the fundamentals are in place.

I’ll find your competition that ranks higher than you and then find the areas they are neglecting and we’ll do all the things they already do and the things they don’t. With a clear understanding of your audience or customer, your site can bring you the traffic you want to reach your goals.

Google and all search engines are continuously adding sites to its databases. All website rankings are in a perpetual state of flux which is why no one can promise you a page one spot.

I use tools and best practices recommended by Google, plus a little bit of ingenuity, to help you get there and to track where you are compared to your competition. The number of organic (not paid for) listings on the Google results page has varied over the years and will probably continue to change periodically.


Analyze your site and current page rank in Google Search results.

how to improve rank in Google search

Which keywords do shoppers use to find similar products or services.

Follow SEO practices to increase visibility in search.

how to improve rank in Google search

Track statistics in Google Analytics.

Find opportunities to out rank your competition.

how to improve rank in Google search

Get your customers to review your products and services!